Runes & Regulations : Nefarious Neighbor Expansion


RUNES & REGULATIONS: NEFARIOUS NEIGHBOR EXPANSION allows you to play RUNES & REGULATIONS with up to 8 players! With a new evil warlock in the neighborhood, things are about to take a dark turn. Not only are there new Creatures, Spells, and Runes, but there are also new Role cards that give different players a new secret goal. With Corrupted Beasts and forbidden magic in play, you’ll have to keep a sharp eye on your neighbors to stay ahead!


  • 1 Forbidden Deck (including 8 Sacrificial Creature cards, 15 Corrupted Beast cards, and 17 Curse cards).
  • 1 Forbidden Rune Deck (including 10 Forbidden Rune cards)
  • 3 Standard Reference Cards
  • 1 Nefarious Neighbor Reference Card
  • 10 Role Cards
  • 3 Fences
  • 1 Nefarious Fence
  • 15 Additional Shrub Tokens
  • 11 Additional Creature Cards
  • 9 Additional Spell Cards
  • 20 Additional Rune Cards


Players: 2-8

Ages: 14+

Duration: 30-60 minutes

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