Sausage Party


Sausage Party is a party game inspired by the Paul and Storm song from Learningtown.

In the game, each player has a deck of cards that feature different types of sausages, buns, and (on the bottom of the deck) a “last bun” card. Each player has three places in front of themselves where they’ll cook sausages on the grill.

With everyone playing at the same time, you continually draw the top card from your deck and play it either on your grill or on someone else’s. Once a type of sausage is in a grill slot, only more of that type of sausage — or mustard, which is wild _ can be played there. Once you (or someone else) places a bun on a sausage on your grill, you move it to your plate, making room for a new type of sausage on the grill. If your hand is empty, you can choose to trash all of the cards in one of your grill slots. Once someone plays their “last bun” card, the game ends.

Each type of sausage has a number on it, and if your bunned sausage has exactly that many cards (not counting the bun), then you score points equal to twice that number. If you have fewer cards, you score as many points as non-bun cards; if you have more cards, you score zero points for that sausage. Whoever has the most points wins!

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