The Metagame


Everybody’s got an opinion. The Metagame gives you a chance to exercise your smartest and most ridiculous opinions on just about everything: music and movies, fine art and fashion, junk food and videogames. It’s a card game where you do what you already love to do with your friends: talk about culture. There’s not just one way to play – The Metagame comes with six unique games. Each one makes use of both types of cards in The Metagame deck:

  • CULTURE CARDS feature a single cultural object or icon, from the Mona Lisa to Ms. Pac-Man.
  • OPINION CARDS say things like “Which feels like first love?” or “Best reminder of our mortality.”

Some of the games get you debating, and some are more strategic. Some are best for a handful of players and others are designed for dozens of them.
The six games are:

  • Matchmakers: match your culture cards to the right opinion cards
  • History 101: put everything in the right chronological order
  • Debate Club: argue to the critics for your hilarious opinion
  • Head to Head: a fast-paced race to get your cards out first
  • Massively Multiplayer Metagame: for big parties and events
  • Metaquilt: a tricky combination of strategy and discussion

You don’t usually find games where players have debates like: Which is more fundamentally misunderstood – Fox News or the rainbow flag? The Metagame covers every possible kind of design, media, and art and helps you see culture in new ways. We’ve played The Metagame at hardcore tabletop game conferences and in dimly lit hipster bars. The Metagame works in just about any social setting – just pick the game variation that suits your group and situation the best.

Contents of the 7 game KickStarter:
200 culture cards featuring civilization’s greatest achievements. Like the Mona Lisa. Or Ms. Pac ­Man.

100 opinion cards that say things like “Which feels like first love?” or “Which is a sign of the apocalypse?”

7 unique games to play with 2­—50 of your most opinionated family and friends.

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