Thursday Night PREMIUM LIMITED!!! 9/22/22


Reserve your spot for the most exclusive of pack opening experiences… Thursday Night Premium Limited!

6:30pm-10:30pm, September 22nd!
Tonight’s event is a blast from the past… or from the future??? It’s Kamigawa Neon Dynasty sealed-deck! Entry is $20 for six packs + prizing based on performance! (For those of you who don’t know what “sealed-deck” is, it’s like a typical prerelease event, but with packs instead of kits. You open your packs and build a 40+ card deck!)

Capped at three rounds for y/our sanity! 2-1 record or better prizes out, and everyone gets a promo!


NEXT WEEK we’ll return to Innistrad with Midnight Hunt sealed-deck (6 packs + prizing) for only $20! Again, that’s less than $3 per pack. o_O¬†Beware the werewolves… bewarewolves?

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