Wednesday Oathbreaker 9/27/23


Join us for Wednesday Oathbreaker! (Not a tournament.)


Each participant will receive a $5 BatCoin (usable on any non-event purchase) and random promos.

We’re opening the Oathbreaker tables as soon as 4pm. We’ll be doing pods of four players whenever possible. You’ll get up to six hours to play and might be asked to make room for other players if chance/time allows. Promos will be provided to players regardless of wins or losses!


Don’t know what Oathbreaker is? It’s like Commander, but your commander is any Planeswalker (your “Oathbreaker”) partnered with one instant/sorcery (their “Signature Spell”) within the Oathbreaker’s color identity. This Signature Spell can only be cast while you control your Oathbreaker and is affected by its own Commander Tax. Unlike Commander, decks are 60 cards and players start with 20 life. Find out more at

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